How To Get Started in ScholarsCamp

January 15th, 2008

Wim Permana

In my first articles, I have told you briefly about what social bookmarking is. Now, it is time for me to guide you on how to get started with this brand new sites, ScholarsCamp. Oh yeah, by the way, ScholarsCamp is the first social bookmarking site that is specially build to organize your collection of scholarship informations, articles, awards, or even competitions.

Okay, here we go:

1. First Step

Sign in

It is easy and simple to sign up and get an account here. Just click register and fill all the form there. No we don’t need that much. Though we only need four things about you. Username (what your account in here is), your email, your password, and that weird password again. That’s it.

2. Second Step


After you get that lovely account, now you can log in into your profile here. There are a bunch of activities you can do when you have already jump into your profile. Check this out:

1. Personal Info

This is the section where you can see information about yourself. There are some subsection here and I bet you already familiar with these. Here they are:

1) View my friends

The list of others ScholarsCamp member you’ve already add as your friend.

2) View people who’ve added me as a friend

The list of your would-become-friend. If you have becoming Friendster user, you must know this section; this is the friend request section.

3) Search Users

Of course you know what this section mean to you. Don’t push me explain it to scholars like you .

2. Submitted

The list of bookmarked information that belong to you. Well, how many stuff had you add? Since this is an online social bookmarking, you don’t depend on your browser. Instead, you will gain flexibility to access it online for 24/7 worldwide as long as you have the internet connection.

3. Reputable

This is place for your stuff which gain popularity here. Congratulation, your information must be cool enough. But if you don’t have one. Please don’t be sad. Keep trying to submit and voting it too.

4. Upcoming

Before your information take place in Reputable area, it must have been landed here. Come on, move on …. you said. Well, I hear that.

5. Commented

This is a 2.0 era, static content is not good enough. When you get your stuff being commented. It is a good sign; people have interest on you and your information. The more comment you get, the more popular you are. Believe me.

6. Voted

Do you voted on something here? If yes, those voted stuff will be placed here. Happy vote. Clicking is easy, voting is another.

7. Saved

This is for the stuff you have saved. But Wait a minute?

What’s the different between Voted and Saved. Well, stuff you saved will not affect the popularity of that stuff itself. Meanwhile Voted will. Besides, if you have saved some stuffs, it means that you can Voted for it later. Now, you know it.

8. Modify

If you want to change things you already filled in, use this section. There are 13 things you can change here but I know that you don’t use them all. For example; I’ll put my data on:

Real name : Wim Permana
Public email :
Homepage :
Location : Indonesia
Occupation : CEO
Yahoo : wimkhan
Google talk : wimkhan

and that’s all. I’ll left another empty. That’s not a big deal. Last but note least, you can change your avatar too. Anytime you like. Just click Modify button; Browse your picture; Upload Image; and then Save it.

3. Third Step

Explore The Content

1. Homepage

Left side of ScholarsCamp homepage is the list of stuff that have been submitted by users. This links can give you an instant information about scholarships information.

2. Search Form

Imagine Google which index nothing but scholarship information. Well, that is what ScholarsCamp might also want to be. Use the search to instantly find the content that suit with your keyword. It means, if you searching with “Harvard” as a keyword then you’ll get stuff that have relation with Harvard. So, happy searching ….

3. Tags

In social bookmarking sites, users need to tag all stuff they have submitted. You can access this tags in right panel of this homepage. Some popular tags are Scholarship, New, and Competitions. Hmmm, don’t like this tags. Create some new one. Go ahead. Your tags will help other users to identify your stuff easily. For example; tag your information with Harvard if this stuff is a scholarship from this 1st university in USA. Tag it easy ….

4. Fourth Step

Now enjoy it ….. thank’s!

What is Social Bookmarking

January 15th, 2008


What is Social Bookmarking
Wim Permana

Some people ask me; what is a social bookmarking? Here is the answer. A brief one:

Social bookmarking is the practice of of saving bookmarks to a public website and “tagging” them with keywords. Meanwhile bookmarking is the action of saving the address of a web site you like to visit in the future on your computer via browser like Opera, Firefox, Safari, or IE.

To create a collection of social bookmarks, you can join and register to social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Digg, ScholarsCamp, Furl, BlinkList, StumbleUpon, Magnolia, etc. These sites lets you store bookmarks, add tags that suit to your taste, and organize bookmarks as a public or private. Some of them, like ScholarsCamp also features a social network capability for you. Means that you can do things like add others user as your friend, send them message or information, show your collection of bookmarks, and a lot like that.

Visitors of social bookmarking sites can search for resources by keyword, person, or popularity and see the public bookmarks, tags, and classification (sometimes category) that registered users have created and saved.

One of the interesting part of the social bookmarking is that some of them are build with a specific target audience and bookmarks. For examples, Citeulike is a special social bookmarking sites for academic paper. Meanwhile ScholarsCamp is a lovely social bookmarking that specially designed and maintained to organize all information about scholarship; the scholarships information, the articles about scholarships, competition for scholars, and much more.

That’s all folks. Have a nice bookmarks and happy tagging.

send your feedback to:

The New Way to Find Scholarship on The Net

January 15th, 2008

ScholarsCamp is a lovely social bookmarking designed to help scholars and institution to meet each other via scholarship. Yes, you right. It is some kind of Digg or Delicious which specially develop and maintain to organize information about scholarship from around the world in 24/7.

The idea is so simple; if you are a scholar, it seems that you want a source of structured information about scholarship that meet with your academic spec. At the same time, institution or foundation which provide scholarships want to be see by people all over the world, especially by the scholars themself.

Just like any other social bookmarking service, ScholarsCamp works very simple. Here we comes;

1. Discover/Publish

Find a scholarship or some and vote it directly to Your submission will appear in “Recent Scholarship”. Well, others visitors or members can see it too and if they consider your scholarship worthy enough to be voted, they will vote for it!

If you are an institution (schools, universities, foundation, etc), you may submit your scholarship directly so that it can be find by a lot of potential visitors easily. Thanks, I know you will love it. Viva yourself!

2. Select

Let’s Vote.

Neither Bush nor Kerry nor anybody. But Harvard or Yale or even both.
Please Vote as many as you like but please be responsible.
“Don’t do evil,” said Google and “Only evil vote the evil,” said ScholarsCamp to scholars. You know what we meant. Remember, your friend can view all scholarships you voted.

Pack it.

When you find scholarship with out-dated due date or deadlines. Tell people by Packing it. This is the power of community, you can save people times by eliminating scholarships (or information) which is irrelevant. For example; Harvard give a scholarship which deadline is on September, 27th 2007, if you still read this scholarship on the next day then Pack it anyway. Even though it’s Harvard. People will love you. Even though they can’t see how sweet you are. Unfortunately.

3. Share

Building a network among scholars is not that hard to imagine. Don’t we? Invite others scholars or perhaps somebody you called it “the scholarship hunters” and add them to your ScholarsCamp list. This will make your network member being able to see what you’ve voted and vice versa. Well, if you have a gang outside there then creating such network here is such a good thing to do. Imagine a gang who is so obsessively to find the best scholarship on earth. Wow, our parents will do love that.

Use Email. Send other scholars. Yeah, but don’t forget your; mom, dad, brothers, sisters, aunt, uncles, husband, wife, and what about your ENEMIES (perhaps as a medium of apologize) the scholarship you vote.

4. Discuss
Discuss every single thing you like or dislike about scholarship. Word it! Don’t be afraid to say something true. If it is to be the only truth you have. Help other scholars who need your help. Though you never met him/her anyway. One little help from you sometimes could generate another help for the same problem or question.

5. Enough

Pronounce this six letter when you can’t find what you’re looking for. Just like any other medium of information, ScholarsCamp is only a craft by human like you too. We think it would never become such a place where you always find what you want. Not even Google or Yahoo or anything else. We’re proudly sorry about this.

Founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

I am an ordinary boy with an extraordinary vision, just like you there. I thought that I have a very good talent in writing, speaking, reading, and of course dreaming. In 2007, my friend (the cofounder of ScholarsCamp) tell me about something called startup. Well, he give me a link to Paul Graham sites. Then I visit it; I read it; I think about it; I love it. Finally, I said to my self,Why don’t start a startup by my self?”

Since then, I always dreaming to become something like Woz, Jobs, Page, Brin, or Gates. Sounds very interesting, yet illusory too. ScholarsCamp is, I believe to be a medium for me to express my self. Hmmm, I hope you will like this kind of short story about me. Anyway, i also wrote a poems too. Enjoy it here.

If you have anything to say about me or this site (suggestions, comments, praise, corrections, errors, product announcement, etc.), please send me email to


Founder and CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

You can call him Fuad. Simple, like the guy itself. Fuad is the cofounder and developer, the only one. His responsibility is to make sure that all the feature will be clean from bugs. We know if that’s impossible, but as the time goes by we know that it would decrease too.

Fuad is one of the G-SOC (Google Summer of Code) champion in 2007. He wrote an eclipse’s plugin that could make its user build the Joomla’s component easily.

If you have anything to say about him, please send him email at